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Published On: Jun 04, 2014 (12:06 AM)
Supybot is a cross-platform IRC bot written in Python, known to run anywhere Python runs, which includes all *nices, and Windows. 1. Supybot is actively developed. 2. Supybot offers nested commands. 3. Supybot has a powerful and flexible capability system for handling security. 4. Supybot includes many plugins , and has many more ripe for the picking on this very website. 5. Supybot supports multiple servers. 6. Supybot supports multiple channels. 7. Supybot is user-friendly. 8. Supybot is developer-friendly. 9. Supybot is stable. The stability of a Supybot is only limited by the uptime of the host it runs on. Multi-month uptimes are the norm, rather than the exception. 10. Supybot is here, now.
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