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Java StatsJava Stats is a framework providing statistical computation on data-sets. Currently supported statistics are mean, median, mode, mid range, minimum, maximum, summation, subtraction, division, multiplication, range, largest(Nth), smallest(Nth), rank(k), frequency(k), distance, squared distance, variance, covariance, standard deviation, weighted averages and many others. With each subsequent releases additional statistical formulas will be implemented (hopefully with some knowledgeable help). Dataset support is quite extensive, allowing for easy manipulation and full flexibility. You can populate datasets with Java's native data-types or any objects which extend the Number interface. Each dataset can generate sub-sets by invoking methods such as greater than, less than, equal to, first(Nth), last(Nth), positives, negatives, largest(Nth), smallest(Nth), unique, duplicates and many others. Datasets may be easily ordered and/or reversed as required and shallow copies can easily be produced. There is also a wide range of support for correlating data to dataset values and for later manipulating such correlated data. Input/Output features are currently being implemented in order to read from or write to a wide variety of files formats such as XML, CSV, tab-delimited, space-delimited, row-based, column-based, etc. Future support for Microsoft Office and Sun's Open Office file formats are also planned as to allow import to or from spread sheets.
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