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Published On: Jun 01, 2013 (04:49 AM)
This project is envisioned as a piece of companion software for the mobile-trail-explorer JavaME application. Current StatusThis project is in it's EARLY, EARLY stages, it currently takes NO INPUT, and only displays output as TEXT to the System.out console. Can now connect to Bluetooth-GPS device (on COM4) Can parse location information (using (very) slightly modified versions of some of mobile-trail-explorer's classes) The DreamI really like mobile-trail-explorer (MTE), and I record many trails and trecks using it. I feel the need, however, for a bigger companion version for my PC. I'd like this to be able to do everything MTE can do (taking advantage of the bigger screen & processing power of course), but also: Manage all my trails from MTE Edit trails I would also see this (in the distant future) as being a place to test new ideas for MTE (because of the easier & quicker development cycle for JavaSE compared to JavaME) I think the Open Street Map people might have some ideas for how this might help them, as I know some of them use MTE to record trails And much more What YOU can doAny comments about the direction this should take would be appreciated, anything I missed in 'The Dream', in terms of applications it could be put to etc. Getting a handle on this early on could really help with the design of the system. Use the discussion group to make your ideas heard. Any other thoughts you might have are also welcome. Again, the discussion group is the place for this. If you can program, and are interested, you could join the team and help this project get off the ground. Programming LanguageThis application is written in JAVA-SE. InstallationCurrently only works from an IDE (i.e. only from my Eclipse) on Windows(should work on other OSs, but haven't tested it, but .dll's are included somewhere for installing on MAC & Linux. As the com stuff is NON-STANDARD for JAVA, you'll need to copy 2 .dll files into your java root directory, this is messy (for JAVA) and I'll put up a better description of how this is done in the near future.