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Published On: Jun 24, 2012 (03:13 PM)
An simple way for citizens to locate their representatives and senators, listed with the toll free numbers on the Hill. The need beside my domain and WaPo also OpenCongress, the last two are sloppy. You must use larger font due to the elderly or Vets coming home with TBI. A proper and Framers neatness along with an modern and simple explaination of each Article and Section, the Bill of Rights so these dumbed down persons that are only aware of the 2nd because of their gun fetish, they need to be aware of what we had now what is gone. An easy way of retrieving the Vote Count after important Bills are being voted on,this is quite simple just requireing great word processing skill. As soon as the GPO releases it you must have it. Out and waiting, this is whete you need to be first,very important to be first a gazillion pings if first.
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