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SwingLibraryOverviewSwing Library is a Robot Framework library for testing Java Swing applications. Getting StartedInstall Python, Jython and Robot Framework. Download the latest swinglibrary-.jar Add the jar to your CLASSPATH. Remember to restart the command prompt for the change to take effect. Run your tests with Robot Framework. See the example below. Keyword DocumentationKeyword documentation Extending SwingLibraryTo extend SwingLibrary and create your own keywords take a look at javalib-core. Javalib-core was used in implementing Swing Library. ExampleSwingLibraryDemo News2010-02-03 SwingLibrary 1.1 is released 2009-09-04 SwingLibrary 1.0 is released 2009-06-14 SwingLibrary 0.14 is released 2009-04-07 SwingLibrary 0.13 is released 2009-03-08 SwingLibrary 0.12 is released 2009-02-24 SwingLibrary 0.11 is released 2009-01-23 SwingLibrary 0.10 is released 2009-01-11 SwingLibrary 0.9 is released 2008-12-05 SwingLibrary 0.8 is released 2008-11-20 SwingLibrary 0.7 is released 2008-11-10 SwingLibrary 0.6 is released
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