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GWT-YUI-Carousel is a library permitting to use the nice YUI Carousel Component1 in GWT framework2. The library is currently compatible with the last release of YUI Carousel component (version 0.6.1). This API permits to java developpers to use easily the Carousel Component in their GWT application, avoiding them to write any javascript code. With GWT-YUI-Carousel the YUI Carousel component structure is seen as a GWT Widget, it can be manipulated like any other widget of GWT framework. I have released September 2nd a beta version of the API. This version cover 100% of the API of the YUI Carousel version 0.6.1. Be free to read the Getting Started guide. You can find in the released .zip file two examples of the Carousel component that have been redevelopped with GWT-YUI-carousel API (see the results of "JavaScript Load" and "SpotLight & Preview" samples). More examples will come soon. Java Developpers, Enjoy ! P.S. : Yes, the carousel is now part of the "Yahoo! UI Library", I started the work to migrate to integrate the "Yahoo! UI Library - Carousel control beta" changes 1YUI Carousel Component is created by Bill Scott (,, and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License ( 2GWT is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license (
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