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Mighty: The Managed/Mini IDEMighty has suffered bitrot from long neglect. Will be rewriting from scratch, shortlyUseful StuffFAQ License RoadMap IntroductionThe original use case for Mighty is best illustrated by the following user story: As a programmer who happens to own an Asus Eee PC, I want a lightweight code editor (e.g. low real-estate grabbing ala scribes or notepad++) with intellisense-style code completion and discoverability/exploratory functionality so that I can do some meaningful .Net h4xing in a loonix environment. One of the most liberating things for me, as a .Net programmer, is the fact that modern .Net IDEs (VS2005+, #dev, MonoDevelop) have decent code-completion/intellisense via reflection/real-time code parsing. How much less time do you spend not having to look at API documentation since starting to program in this environment? Don't you wish there was a code editor with this functionality but without the resource/screen-size requirements of these environments (for me, a multi-monitor setup is a must because these IDEs have so much crap in them) existed? Mono's WinForms implementation has finally matured to the point that it is feasible to implement a real, useful and cross-platform managed code editor so that, finally, .Net programmers won't be chained to a handful of screen-real-estate-hungry IDEs in order to be able to do useful (read: has intellisense/code completion capabilities) development. Mighty aims to be that editor.
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