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Yupi is yet another CMS writen in php in oop style maner. It has a easy theme system and support for themes and templates. Find out more on project site: AboutFirst release of yupi-cms is planed by the end of April 2009. At current state you can download using svn but you have to configure it manually, it's only required to setup database and setup project path to be able to run cms. Currently i am working admin theme to improve user interface and on widgets (panels) that are used to display some useful content from database. Some cool stuff about this CMS: it uses OOP approach , everything is separated into classes , like Models, Pages, Editors etc. it uses theme to generate content , and theme is just a PHP file it's build using directory style URL - only one URL rewrite for Apache server or setting using error pages redirection you don't need to be expert to learn how to write theme, panel, client page, admin page or panel editor - only basic OOP knowledge Creating custom page Here is sample how can you create simple yupi page, just in the case you download the project you have some starting point how things works. Create file class.mypage.php and save it to folder pages. Write this code to create page that shows world famous "hello world" sample. If you install project in subfolder yupicms, then you can access this page by typing: localhost/yupicms/mypage, in this case Index action of mypage class is executed. If you type: localhost/yupicms/mypage/hello function ActionHello will be executed. Next URI parts will be passed to this procedure as parameters. In the case that function doesn't exists then Index action will be executed, you can determine action using $this->ActionName, and to find all uri parts you can use $this->Params array. First element contains class name, second action and rest are extra parameters. You can learn more directly from existing source code. Here is sample screen shot of admin module, just to give you clue how it look like.
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