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Published On: May 27, 2013 (05:05 AM)
PeoplePress is a lightweight business directory application. Need a clean, simple way to host a database of people and businesses on your site? This is the tool for you. A Brief HistoryPeoplePress grew out of the needs of, a loose affiliation of technical professionals in Central Oregon. One of the goals of BendTech is to help organize the grassroots efforts by individuals and businesses in the area who are trying to grow the local technology industry, many of whom said the biggest problem they had was knowing what resources were available. In order to address this problem, BendTech decided to (quickly) build a simple, easy-to-use, member-maintained business directory. Hence, PeoplePress. Why mention this? Well, you'll notice that PeoplePress is currently heavily BendTech branded. This isn't that hard to change, but does require tweaking some PHP and CSS. We'll address this in future releases. FeaturesPeoplePress has the following features: Simple UI - Users should just "get it", with little if any instruction required User Maintained - Users can create, edit, and delete entries w/ no moderation or intervention required by the site administrators. Spam Detection - Includes Akismet spam filtering support - just provide your WordPress API key to enable! Lite Authentication - Users are not required to register or login, which makes participation in the directory trivially easy. Password Protected Entries - Users password protect their entries to prevent unauthorized changes. Google Maps Integration - Provides a google map of all entries in the database with a valid address. Easy Administration - A master password allows site administrators to edit and remove any entry if needed. Not a feature, but worth calling out: "Secure-ish" - Passwords are stored MD5 encoded in the database, but they are sent as cleartext over HTTP. Which means this isn't this most secure product in the world... but you get what you pay for. Anyone interested in fixing this is welcome to submit code patches.
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