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IntroductionTweetero/yfrog for iphone is an open source Twitter client for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. Major features: View tweets from people you follow View your followers/following lists Disable/Enable mobile notification per user Send/Receive direct messages Take and send pictures (hosted at Automatically recognize in tweets and show in a full-screen image viewer URLs pointing to pictures posted at Delayed post/upload (via queue) Optionally include location information in tweets Display user information Re-tweets (following RT: convention) Forward tweets by email. Replies StatusYou can install it (for free) from App store, clicking on this link Also you can take a look at TweeteroScreenshots, or check out and build source code. Please follow @tweetero on twitter to receive updates. Open SourceImageshack Corp. has released this application as an open source project. We hope that the open source community will participate in the evolution of this product, and possibly spawn other projects based on this code. User contributions are very welcome. Please see HowToContribute for more details. For discussion, please join tweetero-users mailing list. AuthorsThe development of this project was sponsored by ImageShack Corp. It has been developed (for Imageshack) by Codeminders.
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