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Published On: Jun 02, 2014 (09:56 AM)
This plug-in improves the integration between Vim and your operating system: - The :Fullscreen command and F11 mapping toggle Vim between normal and full-screen mode - The :Maximize command and Control-F11 mapping toggle Vim between normal/maximized state: They show/hide the menu bar, tool bar and/or tab line - The :Open command and mapping know how to open file and directory names, URLs and e-mail addresses in your favorite programs (file manager, web browser, e-mail client, etc) - The xolox#shell#execute() function enables other Vim plug-ins to execute external commands in the background (i.e. asynchronously) without opening a command prompt window on Windows Two Windows DLL files are included to perform these functions on Windows, while on UNIX external commands are used.
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