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Log ManagerFed up with wading through massive log files and trying to match up log entries between different servers? A while back I wrote a small log file viewer utility (my first ever C# program, so excuse the mess) to let you view the contents of multiple log files as they're updated in real time. It works on the same principle as the 'tail -f' command in unix, constantly checking for any additional lines in the file and printing them out. Basic featuresDisplay files on local/network Windows machines, or on remote machines via Telnet/SSH Pause/unpause one or all of the log files Copy a section onto the clipboard Clear the contents of all the windows (so you don't have to wade through reams of startup messages) Specify wildcards and date placeholders in your filenames Use pattern matching to perform colouring-in and/or replacements on each line Save one or all of the window contents to a file or directory You'll need to have installed the .NET Framework Version 1.1 first, and then it's just a matter of editing the default 'logs.xml' configuration file to tell it what files to look at. There's an example of the telnet version in 'purelogs.xml', and a copy of the config file schema in 'config-file-schema.xsd'. Comments/suggestions (even suggestive comments) welcome.
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