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Published On: Jul 04, 2012 (02:05 AM)
What is this?The Ultimate Claws Mail theme is a theme for Claws Mail with icons from the Ultimate Gnome theme for Gnome. NewsVersion 0.5.1 is out!This version adds a couple icons, notably the attach icon. Working on the little icons for version 0.6! They are problematic, as they do not scale down well to 16x16. Screenshot IssuesIncomplete Set - not all icons are present. Most common ones are, however. The theme is in development. PNG support - This theme is PNG, which requires Claws Mail >= 3.4.0 Duplicates - I only have the icons from the set, so there are some duplicates where I used the closest available icon. InstallationFrom the official themes page: Untar the package. Start Claws Mail. Go to /Configuration/Preferences.../Display/Themes Click the 'Install new' button and locate the theme directory. Click 'OK' Alternately they can be installed by root by untarring the package directly into $PREFIX/share/claws-mail/themes/ They will then be available to every user. ConfigurationStart Claws Mail. Go to /Configuration/Preferences.../Display/Themes Select the required theme from the drop-down list. Click the 'Use this' button DevelopmentFeel free to create some more icons, or find/modify existing ones to fit in. Remember to make them fit in, and make them ~24x24 PNGs. StatusThis theme isn't dead, I just have too much to do. After finals, I will continue with it. In the mean time, version 0.5.1 is excellent. -Daniel LicensingThe author of the Ultimate Gnome theme has graciously allowed me to publish Ultimate Claws Mail under the GPL rather than Creative Commons. UCM is now licensed under the GPL v3. There is a readable version here.
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