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Published On: Jun 22, 2012 (04:02 PM)
We are in year 2042, from now two years a terrible disaster devastated the Earth, depriving it of any life. While the human beings, the animals and vegetables are not any more, a kind rises, discovering that she is consequently alone in the world. So, they regrouped and discovered what the human beings had constructed, revealing their technology. A technology which intended for them a new future. As in the past centuries the Worms argued regarding the distribution of the bare property, leading to conflicts and to separations which brought to the creation of different clans hating each other as much to some as the others. However, they knew that the Earth would not hold further to disaster longer and that they had to use human technology to run away on other planets. But instead of helping each other, a mind of domination pervades each of them and every clan decided to leave to the conquest of galaxy.Then a new epoch started when war and hate are the words of adjoining order, as would say it English Worms, at the Worms War...
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