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Published On: Jun 20, 2013 (08:00 AM)
This project implements a fully automatic controller for a small diesel engine powered generator. The controller provides support for glow plugs, decompression, rpm montoring, oil pressure monitoring, water temperature monitoring, automatic switch to alternate fuel (UCO, WVO). The controller provides governor "sag" support via stepper motor. The sag support is implemented using a "PID" controller. featuresStart/stop the engine remotely Warm the engine up at a reasonable rpm before switching to full speed Utilize the engine decompression for starting and emergency stop Provide for future glow plug support Monitor critical engine parameters (oil pressure, water temperature, rpm) and provide for emergency stop if any parameter exceeds its limits. Switch between diesel and Used Cooking Oil (UCO) fuel. Purge UCO fuel upon shutdown Manual emergency stop Keep track of hours operated on Diesel Fuel and UCO Fuel Keep track of how many "Starts" Provide for manual operation in case of battery failure, or controller problem Provide "Sag" support for the "lazy" governor on the engine As of 8/1/2007, the PID governor assist is still being debugged. The controller still exhibits overshoot when the generator load goes from zero to full.
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