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IntroductionThis library is an extension for jQuery to rotate images directly within JavaScript. Good in situations where you want to organize your thumbnails without the lag of synchronous image operations via the web server. ImplementationTwo JavaScript image handling implementations are supported: using DXImageTransform filter for Microsoft Internet Explorer using Canvas object for other browsers The library has been tested with: Mozilla FireFox Internet Explorer 7.0 Opera 9.1 (note Opera 8 is not supported) Functions.rotate(angle,[whence=relative]) .rotateLeft([angle=90]) .rotateRight([angle=90])GuideThe library should be loaded after the jquery.js. Once the library is loaded, you can rotate images by calling rotateLeft([angle=90]) or rotateRight([angle=90]) on the jQuery object, like this: $('#theimage').rotateLeft();From version 1.1, this library also supports arbitrary angles, in degrees: $('#theimage').rotateRight(45);NotesSafari is not yet supported, but according to the specs it should work. Any help on this would be appreciated. As the old image gets replaced with each rotation, none of its onXXX events are copied either. Internet Explorer also rotates the border around an image, the other browsers don't
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