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Published On: Jul 02, 2012 (05:53 PM)
ETLThis is the Emerging Technologies Laboratory (ETL) top-level metaproject, which has a two fold purpose: Provide support for all ETL projects Run the ETL's organization, structure, and documentation as an open source project that other organizations can use, adapt, and contribute to Supporting ETL ProjectsThis is where we host the documents that are intended to aid members of ETL start, run, and contribute to projects. ETL is an umbrella group that strives to give developers/researchers the support they need so that they can focus their energy and time on development rather than administration. We also aim to provide an active and engaging environment, both online and in person, to aid in education, project and personal interaction, and introduction to new technologies and ideas. More information about ETL can be found in our ETL White Paper. In at attempt to lighten the workload of our Project Leads, we have standardized the infrastructure of an ETL project and documented the necessary steps for setting up a project. ETL as an Open Source ProjectETL is an ETL project. We are running the organizational and structural aspects as an open source project where the 'code' is documentation. There are many reasons for this openness, including: We believe strongly that transparency will make us a better organization It adds a democratic aspect to ETL. Any member or outside interested party can make suggestions and corrections. If everything is open and up for discussion than nothing is permanent. This will help ETL adapt to new situations and tools and more easily overcome problems. The work we are doing to create a robust development cooperative can help others. Anyone is welcome to view, use, and adapt our structure to fit their needs.
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