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pyTivoXpyTivoX lets you play movies from your mac to your tivo. It is a free replacement for the upload feature of Tivo Desktop Plus. (Look at iTiVo for the download features). pyTiVoX only runs on OSX 10.5 (Leopard) and up. It is aimed at users of Series 2, Series 3, and TivoHD machines. It includes both pyTivo and StreamBaby. InstallationDownload from the right. Copy the pyTivoX program into your applications folder. And run it from Applications. Screenshots Problems / Questions?The F.A.Q is here. If there's a question not answered there, please try the tivocommunity forums. UsageRun the program Click the little 'plus' icon on the bottom, and select a directory containing files to share. Input a name to share as, and make sure the right type is selected (video, photo, etc). Add more shares if desired. Click the 'Apply' button. Go to your tivo, and check the bottom of the 'now playing' list. If you prefer streaming (on tivo 3 /HD) check the bottom of the music,photos,showcases list. LinksYou can read more about pyTivo (the downloading core) at the pytivo homepage. You can read more about StreamBaby (the streaming core) at the streambaby homepage. The package includes ffmpeg built 10.5-universal. The package also includes a build of the Python Imaging Library If you want to download shows from your tivo, check out iTiVo instead.
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