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Published On: Jun 30, 2012 (02:12 AM)
OverviewThis is PHP login script with a simple one click install/update and remember me feature. It comes with the ability to have unlimited members, unlimited pages, unlimited groups and unlimited permission masks. It also comes with the ability to set how long accounts last until they expire. Future versions will have support for PayPal! As you can tell it's like a paid script, but completely free! In the new versions you also get a new administration and group panel (written with AJAX) that allows optimal customization. It allows you to disable public registrations and only allow people you invite to register for your site. It can also be made to have multiple languages by just downloading a language pack. But most of all it's just a simple login script (with a password changer)! Free support is always available on my website :) It has now been translated into French and Spanish. FeaturesHere is a complete list of all the features of the latest version of the Quadodo Login Script: General Completely free Open source under the GPL license Support for PHP 4.3.3 or higher 100% Customizable The embeddable code is XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant The CSS code is W3C compliant A new build is released every two weeks Free support in the forums Database Support MySQL PostgreSQL Basic Unlimited pages Unlimited members Unlimited groups Unlimited permission masks Registration form Login form Example member page All forms are embeddable Logout feature Remember me feature Support for French and Spanish Functionality for an online user list Security Passwords hashed Limit number of login attempts All input information is protected from SQL injection Security image to stop robots from signing up Limit access to certain pages Limit depth of administrators' access Ban users you don't want to access the site Administration See your PHP information Current updates to the system Edit the configuration Add / Edit / Remove / List users Activate unactivated users Set a permission mask for each user Add / Edit / Remove / List custom groups Set custom permission mask for each group Add / Edit / Remove / List custom pages Upload custom pre-made pages from your computer Create a page right from the administration panel Edit a page right from the panel Add / Edit / Remove / List permission masks 21 different permissions to set (plus custom pages) Send invitations to users (if you turned off public registrations) Installation / Upgrade One click install Set all the settings in one form Update wizard You can easily update from 3 builds back Registration Security image Limit number of characters in username Limit number of characters in password Limit the types of characters that can be used in a username Embeddable into the current style of your site Require an invitation code before registering (if chosen by admin) Require activation by user or administrator before being able to login Two usernames can't be used Group Control Panel Allows users to sign up for public groups Users can leave groups they are currently in Group leaders can add / edit / remove users from their group Group leaders can see statistics about their groups Users can be the leader of more than one group Users in a certain group don't have to have the permissions of that group Custom Pages Pages can be made on your computer or from the administration panel They can contain any sort of data they want but they must be PHP files Simple API to use to check for users' groups or whether they are logged in Completely customizable Can be edited from the administration panel Can be removed from the administration panel Limit access to certain pages based on group/permission mask Development Simple API to use Plug-ins easy to develop Code is documented inside the files Code follows basic coding standards so it's easy to read All the code is commmented Support for developers in the forums DemoA demo of the most recent version of the Quadodo Login Script can always be found at
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