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Published On: Jun 01, 2014 (01:02 AM)
Realizing that there are a variety of libraries available to do binding in Java, we favor a solution which is part of the language. Having said that, Scott Violet and now Shannon Hickey deserve our thanks for getting JSR-295 on the map. Certainly they have both heard from experts from around the world who have blazed the Java binding trail ahead of some. Recognizing that JSR-295 is not quite done, we still think it's really cool especially if one is using it along with NetBeans. Whatever minor functionality might still be missing from JSR-295 can be written fairly easily but we would like to have a library of components which we can drop on our Forms and Dialogs so that we can get as much of the binding related code into the "protected" area. Ultimately, starch will probably not be necessary but in the meantime this project might be a good resource for making binding as "drag-and-drop" as we can get it, hopefully including some strange corner-cases. Part of the intent of this little project is to get some Beans Binding examples posted.
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