Annotated Trash for Wordpress
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Published On: Jun 15, 2013 (12:30 PM)
Why is that comment in the trash? If you co-blog, you've probably asked this. The Annotated Trash plugin for Wordpress helps answer that question. Co-Blogging is fun, until someone loses a comment to someone else’s mouseclick. Communicate the reason that comment is in the trash by adding annotating it! This module adds a new column to the ‘trash’ comments table in which you and your co-bloggers can enter your reasons for swinging the moderation hammer. The new column displays various bits of useful information, including who trashed this comment, who annotated it last, and of course the annotation text itself. The annotator information doesn’t show up if the comment was put in the trash before either Annotated Trash or Akismet were installed. Akismet is not necessary, just a useful fal
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