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Published On: May 30, 2013 (05:28 AM)
Welcome to the nextShows project homepage NOTE TO KDE 4 USERSAlthough KDE 4 can execute KDE 3 SuperKaramba widgets, nextShows is really borked (at least with KDE 4.1.x). For some unknown reasons many things aren't working as expected. I plan to port nextShows to Plasma (Edit: finally it won't be a plasmoid thanks to the poor documentation/tutorials on KDE websites) but I can't give any date therefore it'll be out "when it's ready"©. DescriptionA desktop widget (aka applet) for SuperKaramba that displays the coming air dates for your favorite TV shows. RequirementsCurrent stable release requires: KDE v3.5.x (if you use an older KDE release, make sure SuperKaramba is up to date) Python v2.5 or later (previous versions WON'T work) Qt v4.3.1 or later PyQt v4.3.1 or later ScreenshotsWidget Configuration GUI