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OLAT is the acronym for Online Learning And Training. It is a web application - a Learning Management System - that supports any kind of online learning, teaching, and tutoring with little didactical restrictions. OLAT is free software/open source, and has been developed since 1999 at the University of Z├╝rich and won the MeDiDa-Prix in the year 2000. OLAT has support for various E-learning standards such as IMS Content Packaging, IMS Basic LTI, IMS QTI and SCORM. OLAT offers all the tools that you'd expect of a modern LMS like Wiki, Chat, Forum, Calendar, Cluster, AJAX-support etc. OLAt is used all over the world and has been translated into 30 languages. A packaged deployment (WAR) consistent with the Java Web Specification simplifies the rollout of the application.
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