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Published On: Jun 01, 2014 (10:42 AM)
Converting an archive (.zip, for example) to another type (.7z, for example) is a common and trivial task. I face such tasks these days. To my surprise, the standard 7-zip release doesn't include this feature. There have been such requests for severals years on 7-zip's forum, however the author seems not to be interested in adding this feature, so I decide to write it myself. 7zippo makes use of the 7-zip SDK, and is capable of reading all formats that 7-zip supports. But why did I take the .zip format for example? Because (1) converting a zip archive is quite benefitial, and (2) documents such as .docx and .odf are all based on the zip format. I have found that converting these documents to .7z results in much higher compression ratio that directly re-compress them to 7z (.docx.7z or .odf.7z). 7zippo currently is a simple commland line tool, and the project outline is: ore Functionality (command line only). ntegrating with Windows Explorer context menu. ntegrating with Offices to support 7-zipped documents. ontributing to 7-zip a CODEC specific to these zipped documents that actually performs conversion.
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