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Solves numerically roots of the chosen integral lattice if number of these roots is finite. Bilinear form matrix, coefficient graph or coefficient poset (through a Gabriel quiver) may be passed. It's should explicitly print out a set of roots and the regular tree of them. Solving of roots should work with forms having all the quadratic components equal with 1. Drawing a tree of roots should work with integer lattices with the greatest vertex in the poset reprezentation. It might not work with other forms. This project idea has evolved into an application for easy extracting information about basic mathematical structures and computing values explaining the collaborations that are go between them. All the operations should be able to perform without any command line or text scripts. The application will be also a part of more advanced mathematical research project. IMPORTANT: Source repository has not been being updated for this project. Please use content of the Downloads only if you want to do so ;)
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