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Rooms3DIntroductionRooms3D is a 3D visualization environment for the manipulation and sharing of files and folders via "Room" metaphor. Rooms3D is made available to the user community via RoomYak!. For more information on RoomYak!, please see Instructions for building with Rooms3D may be found at RoomYak! Developers Page. Rooms attempts to exploit a user's learned 3D skills by providing a natural environment. There are a couple of aspects: Navigation - Rooms3D will need to make this intuitive and we may need outside human/machine interface expert help to do so. However, this is so new, that there is a huge latitude for ideas (i.e. 'messy piles', 'shadows' and 'windows') Presentation - Rooms3D will need to pull images out of the user's own photographs to make them feel like it is their space. We also may need to help them adjust the geometry of their rooms Migration from a Traditional Computer Experience - a user's experience should be that Rooms3D is a one-for-one representation of the file system they are used to. Users need to believe that objects won't be lost by switching to the Rooms view. They need to be able to launch their traditional apps from recognizable 'file objects' in the Rooms world. Open Source - encourage community particpation in Rooms3D by releasing under open source license with the goal of making Rooms3D better for everyone. NotesWhile we use InfiniDrive for our own reference implementation, there are no code dependencies on this proprietary filesystem in this project.
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