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dpUInt - digital primates Unit and IntegrationdpUInt has reached its 1.0 release and is now known as Fluint. Please visit us at the new google code project and learn about the new features now available.The digital primates Unit and Integration testing framework for Flex 2 and 3. It is currently an early beta release. Based loosely on the concepts of FlexUnit and its ancestor JUnit, it provides enhanced asynchronous support, a graphical test runner, integration with continuous build systems and an optional Adobe AIR client for directory watching. It adds support for: Multiple simultaneous asynchronous operations Asynchronous setup and teardown Asynchronous returns before method body completion Support for UIComponent testing Support for test sequences Support for testing Cairngorm commands and controllers XML output of testing results Support for auto-reload and test running based on directory watching (optional with AIR client) Read the introduction to get started. Read about the new AIR TestRunner for command line execution. Read about the new Ant Tasks that can be used with the AIR TestRunner. digital primates IT Consulting Group can provide your team with Adobe-certified training as well as customized courses that go beyond the standard curriculum. Contact us to find out more.
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