Project: Ducttape Engine
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Ducttape Engine
A universal open-source game engine using Ogre3D for graphics, SFML for network
and audio and Bullet for physics.

For further instructions and developer information please browse the docs/
directory. If you have Doxygen and Graphviz, you can build the API docs by
issuing `make doc` in your CMake build dir.

If you clone this using the usual `git clone git://`
please run `git submodule update --init` as the first thing you do within the 
cloned repo.
Alternatively, you can just clone with `git clone --recursive git://`
and it will do that for you.
This will get our externals that are in different git repos to keep this one
clean and dandy.

See INSTALL for short instructions for experienced users or our [Getting started]( article on the wiki for more detailed instructions.

Tbe Ducttape Engine and its components as well as examples and tests are
available under the LGPL3 license unless noted otherwise.

See the docs/licenses/ directory for individual licenses of our resources.

- [Boost](
- [Ogre3D](
- [Bullet Physics](
- [SFML](
- [OgreProcedural](
- [BtOgre](

Media files
- [sad-trombone.wav](
- [](
- [ttf-dejavu](
- [01bricks1.png](