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Code Location: git://
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#!/usr/bin/python -u

import getopt
import re
import os
from os import path
import shutil
import subprocess
import sys
import tempfile

# clone URL for MantisBT repository
clone_url = 'git://'

# Absolute path to
buildscript = path.dirname(path.abspath(__file__)) + '/'

# Regular expressions of refs to ignore
ignorelist = map(re.compile, [

# Script options
options = "hfr:bacds:"
long_options = ["help", "fresh", "ref=", "branches", "auto-suffix", "clean",
                "docbook", "suffix="]

def usage():
    print '''Builds one or more releases (zip/tarball) for the specified
references or for all branches.

Usage: %s [options] /path/for/tarballs [/path/to/repo]

    -h | --help                  Show this usage message

    -f | --fresh                 Create a fresh clone in repository path,
                                 or temporary path
    -r | --ref <ref>[,<ref>...]  Build a release for named refs <ref>
    -b | --branches              Build a release for all branches
    -a | --auto-suffix           Automatically append the HEAD commit's sha1
                                 to the version suffix

The following options are passed on to '%s':
    -c | --clean                 Remove build directories when completed
    -d | --docbook               Build the docbook manuals
    -s | --suffix <suffix>       Include version suffix in config files
''' % (path.basename(__file__), path.basename(buildscript))
#end usage()

def ignore(ref):
    '''Decide which refs to ignore based on regexen listed in 'ignorelist'.

    ignore = False
    for regex in ignorelist:
        if len(regex.findall(ref)) > 0:
            ignore = True
    return ignore
#end ignore()

def main():
        opts, args = getopt.gnu_getopt(sys.argv[1:], options, long_options)
    except getopt.GetoptError, err:
        print str(err)

    pass_opts = ""
    refs = []
    all_branches = False
    version_suffix = ""
    auto_suffix = False
    fresh_clone = False
    delete_clone = False

    for opt, val in opts:
        if opt in ("-h", "--help"):

        elif opt in ("-f", "--fresh"):
            fresh_clone = True

        elif opt in ("-r", "--ref"):

        elif opt in ("-b", "--branches"):
            all_branches = True

        elif opt in ("-c", "--clean"):
            pass_opts += " -c"

        elif opt in ("-d", "--docbook"):
            pass_opts += " -d"

        elif opt in ("-a", "--auto-suffix"):
            auto_suffix = True

        elif opt in ("-s", "--suffix"):
            version_suffix = val

    if len(args) < 1:

    release_path = path.abspath(args[0])
    repo_path = "."

    if len(args) > 1:
        repo_path = path.abspath(args[1])

    # Create a new repo clone
    if fresh_clone:
        print "Origin MantisBT repository:", clone_url
        if repo_path == ".":
            repo_path = tempfile.mkdtemp(prefix="mantisbt-", suffix=".git")
            delete_clone = True
        ret ='git clone %s %s' % (clone_url, repo_path),
        if ret != 0:
            print "ERROR: clone failed"

    # Change to the repo path

    # Update the repository
    if not fresh_clone:
        os.system('git fetch')

    # Consolidate refs/branches
    if all_branches:
        os.system('git remote prune origin')
        refs.extend(os.popen('git branch -r').read().split())

    if len(refs) < 1:
        refs.extend(os.popen('git log --pretty="format:%h" -n1').read())

    refs = [ref for ref in refs if not ignore(ref)]

    # Info
    print "\nWill build the following releases:"
    for ref in refs:
        print "  %s" % ref

    # Regex to strip 'origin/' from ref names
    refnameregex = re.compile('(?:[a-zA-Z0-9-.]+/)?(.*)')

    for ref in refs:
        print "\nChecking out '%s'" % ref
        os.system("git checkout -f -q %s" % ref)
        os.system("git log -n1 --pretty='HEAD is now at %h... %s'")

        # Update and reset submodules
        print "Updating submodules"'git submodule update --init', shell=True)'git submodule foreach git co -- .', shell=True)

        # Handle suffix/auto-suffix generation
        hash = os.popen('git log --pretty="format:%h" -n1').read()
        if hash != ref:
            ref =
            hash = "%s-%s" % (ref, hash)

        suffix = ""
        if auto_suffix and version_suffix:
            suffix = "--suffix %s-%s" % (version_suffix, hash)
        elif auto_suffix:
            suffix = "--suffix %s" % hash
        elif version_suffix:
            suffix = "--suffix %s" % version_suffix

        # Start building
        os.system("%s %s %s %s %s" % (buildscript, pass_opts, suffix,
                                      release_path, repo_path))

    # Cleanup temporary repo if needed
    if delete_clone:
        print "\nRemoving temporary clone."

    # Done
    print "\nAll builds completed."

#end main()

if __name__ == "__main__":