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Changelog for eXtplorer
Version $Id: CHANGELOG.txt 221 2012-03-01 20:58:55Z soeren $

- refactored eXtplorer to work with ExtJS 4

--- version 2.1.0 RC5 released ---

- fixed password change functionality

--- version 2.1.0 RC4 released ---

- updated version check to work with J! 1.7
- implemented PHPass Library for more secure hashing of passwords: (backwards compatible with previous md5 hashing method)
- updated to ExtJS 3.4.0 (brings support for IE9)
- fixed file-disclosure issue reported by
- support for files with non-ascii chars for editing (thanks gr8ron)
- fixed a fatal error in the webdav module
- added ability to load without fetchscript.php (when it's inaccessible due to server permission problems)

--- version 2.1.0 RC3 released ---

- fixed filesize for files > 2GB
- works and installs on Joomla! 1.6 now

--- version 2.1.0 RC2 released ---

- updated to ExtJS 3.3.1
- fixed Flash Upload
- updated to SWFUPload 2.5 beta
- fixed deprecated warnings because of ereg functions
- fixed some FTP file operations (upload, copy, move, delete)
- fixed visibility of user form fields (form appeared empty)
- fixed editable file types detection (+ added .ini)

--- version 2.1.0 RC1 released ---
- finally added the File Diff Feature
- added RAR extraction feature
- updated to ExtJS 3.2.1
- only editable files are shown in source view now, viewing all other files will lead to a redirected to "download"
- PDF files now open inline in an iframe

--- version 2.1.0 beta6 released ---
- updated to ExtJS 3.0.3

--- version 2.1.0 beta5 released ---

- added nice slide-in message box for success messages
- removed deprecated ZIP library

--- version 2.1.0 beta4 released ---

- changed Save/Reopen/Cancel buttons in Edit View to appear in the top toolbar
- changed directory drop-down lists to a vista-like location bar
- new: Flash Upload! Using SWFUploadPanel
- added pluggable authentication system

--- version 2.1.0 beta3 released ---

- changed default state of "Show Directories" to enabled
- changed Edit Window to appear in a new Tab per File
- assigned Keyboard Events to the Grid (Delete, Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X)
- updated to ExtJS3 RC2
- updated EditArea to version (loads faster and is more stable)

--- version 2.1.0 beta released ---

- allowing Download by users with "view" permission
- updated Services-JSON class to version 0.9.0
- updated GeSHi to version
- moved from ExtJS 1.1 to ExtJS 2.2

-- version 2.0.1 released (2009-01-15) ----

- added script for WebDAV access (disabled by default, requires 2 database tables and DB login credentials)
- fixed a security issue within script initialization

-- version 2.0.0 stable released (2008-08-05) ----

- added .csv to the editable file types
- when copying/moving multiple directories, only the first directory was processed
- fixed failing extraction of larger archives ("Failed to connect to the server")
- updated Editarea to
- fixed browsing & working on external FTP servers
- fixed dirselectors not working in FTP mode
- fixed file-mode switch link

-- version 2.0.0 RC4 released (2008-05-31) ----

- fixed installation package for Joomla! 1.5
- added Danish Language Files (thanks to Ronny Buelund!)

-- version 2.0.0 RC3 released (2008-05-31) ----

- [ 1944163 ] In germanf.php fehlt ein Eintrag
- fixed compatibility problem with JomComment+MyBlog (Services_JSON was redeclared)
- switched from "Codepress" to "EditArea" (, which gives a lot of advantages:
	* faster loading of large files
	* built-in toggle feature
	* built-in Find, Search+Replace and Jump-To-Line Features
-- version 2.0.0 RC3 released (2008-05-26) ----

- fixed Cross-Site Scripting & File Disclosure Vulnerability
- fixed MimeType detection for search results

-- version 2.0.0 RC2 released (2008-02-10) ----

- fixed Standalone extraction error
- re-added System Info (moved to "About" Window)
- implemented basic UTF-8 support for file mode
- changed [ 1800028 ] Need to enlarge file edit box, or allow for full screen
- fixed [ 1791706 ] incorrect error reporting
- fixed [ 1790536 ] Browsing directory incorrect
- fixed [ 1782937 ] when unzipping a zip containing a zip: zip not present!

-- version 2.0.0 RC1 released ----

- fixed [ 1755938 ] status bar messages truncated when path is too long
- fixed [ 1759450 ] No textfield and browse button in upload file on IE7
- fixed [ 1762000 ] copy a file from a subfolder to "root" folder doesn't work
- fixed [ 1766233 ] Chmod error in FTP mode
- fixed [ 1761083 ] IE7 closing button & seach action (file search - subdirectories weren't included)

--- version 2.0.0 beta5 released ----

- added Swedish and Slovenian Language Files
- set "zip" as default archive type
- added message box that prevents eXtplorer usage on Joomla! 1.0.x versions >= 1.0.13 and explains why.
- added Joomla! version check
- implemented some changes for compatibility on Windows Systems with IIS running

--- version 2.0.0 beta4 released ----

- fixed header-only problems on Mambo/Joomla! < 1.0.10
- added Server-to-Server transfer capabilities (using fopen, cURL or fsockopen)
- fixed [#6092] Some strings remained hardcoded
- fixed [ 1754755 ] Save button when uploading file not translated
- fixed the Frontend Browsing part (when being used as a Joomla! component)
- updated finnish and french language file
- updated ExtJS to 1.1 RC1, included Konqueror Patch
- fixed [ 1752904 ] error on admin dialog opening
- fixed [ 1752901 ] Combo on Login page doesn't work in IE6 and 7
- fixed [ 1752534 ] Non-static method ext_Lang::msg()
- removed dialog_status from onHide function for the dialog
- fixed bugs in the language files  with undefined properties of non-existant var $_VERSION
- fixed bug with undefined var $acl

--- version 2.0.0 beta4 released ----

- fixed a bug which caused that a maximum of 50 directories in the same level were listed in the tree, not all
- fixed a bug with CodePress - didn't allow to edit files (when used in Joomla!)
- added a check to the standalone version to extract the contents of the file "" online and throw a warning if it doesn't succeed.
- removed the status bar from the Dialogs, moved the status bat into the Paging Toolbar
- added CSS styles to make the dropdown lists smaller

--- version 2.0.0 beta3 released ----

- re-activated User Management for the stand-alone version
- fixed a critical error which caused deletion of directories although "Cancel" was clicked
- fixed an error which prevented correct listing of numeric directories/files

--- version 2.0.0 beta2 released ----
- added double-click action which opens the Context Menu in the grid (Opera and Konqueror don't allow custom right-click menus)
- applied patches to ExtJS to allow usage with Konqueror
- added new ext_Lang class to be able to escape quotes and line endings for using it in JavaScript Strings
- fixed node context menu displaying outside of view
- added the fetchscript.php file to bundle and compress javascript and stylesheet files
  (Sending compressed js and css files significantly reduces the download size for ExtJS)

--- version 2.0.0 beta1 released ----

- fixed the "symlink points to target which can't be accessed" problem
- fixed "out of memory" problems
- directory names changed (no directories starting with a '.' anymore now)
- completely changed layout: directory tree, file grid with renaming, context menu, drag&drop
- added the ExtJS 1.0.1a library

--- version 1.6.0 released ----

- archives do not contain the whole file path anymore now, but only the relative one
- added possibility to specify a directory where an archive file is saved to (allows to create archives even when the currenty directory is not writable)
- added the great CodePress Sytnax Highlighting Editor (
- removed the extra spaces in the directory path
- fixed the "Strict Standards" error (non-static method called statically)

--- version 1.5.1 released ----

- added ftp logout function to allow different ftp logins during one admin session
- added possibility to specify an FTP host name and port (other than localhost:21)
- bookmark functionality fixes (thanks to pokemon!)
- fixed a critical error where wrong permissions would be applied to an uploaded file in FTP mode
	(leading to a 403 error on some servers)
--- version 1.5.0 released ---

- changed the way errors are displayed (+nice styling).
- added support for *symbolic links*. You can create and delete links, but not change the target. You will have to create a new link to do so.

- eXtplorer is an FTP client now! - added PEAR'S Net_FTP package to allow local FTP access/transactions

- changed Archiving Section to ajax-based step-by-step system to prevent time-outs
- added PEAR Package File_Archive to allow better archive handling
- changed file links in the directory list to "Edit" or "Download"
- added a simple file-based bookmark system
- changed the download function to allow larger downloads (100MB+)
- replaced hardcoded english strings with new variables (thanks to Paulino Michelazzo!)

--- version 1.4.0 released ---

- added a new "View File" feature to dispay a file's source code with GeSHi syntax highlighting

- checking now, if a remembered directory exists (it might have been deleted meanwhile)
- added line number / column monitoring on the "Edit file" form
	it also allows to jump to a certain line number
- added feature to allow overwriting existing files on upload
- fixed directory chmod issues 
	Details: when running a *chmod* command on files and directories 
	with permissions that do not include "execute", directories would become inaccessible (e.g. d--------- (root). Tip by John, thanks!)
- added basic frontend directory browsing and file download feature (not comparable to Docman or ReMOSitory, 
	it's just a directory browser, no descriptions, no download counter!)
	Enable by editing the file

--- version 1.3.3 released ---

- fixed a wrong image source (menu_divider.gif => png)
- fixed a fatal error when using eXtplorer on installations with the SafeMode hack
- added Bulgarian language (thanks to Ivo Apostolov)
- fixed download problems under Mambo with gzip compression = On

--- version 1.3.2 released ---

- fixed various problems (create file/directory, archiving, download) with $mosConfig_absolute_path

--- version 1.3.1 released ---

- last visited directory is stored in the session for quick go-back
- updated finnish language
- added Icelandic language
- fixed an error which caused icons not to display
  in directories outside of the Joomla/Mambo root directory

--- version 1.3.0 released ---

- the home directory is now ONE LEVEL ABOVE the joomla/mambo directory.
	If you have joomla inside 
	You will be able to browse to the root directory
	! Check if you want this behaviour. When not, see /config/conf.php line 41....
- created archives don't contain the full path anymore, but the relative path from the mosConfig_absolute_path
- converted transparent .png to .gif
- removed the IE transparency fix, which caused IE to slow down (really long load times!)
- updated the language files
- "Chmod", "Edit" and "Delete" links are not active now, when the file is not chmodable, writable or deletable
- delete alert box will display the name of the file that is to be deleted
- added a checkbox to chmod form, so the user can decide wether to chmod rescursively or not
- added a rename feature
- current user ID and group ID (on a *nix OS) are displayed correctly now
- component name changed to "eXtplorer"

--- version 1.2.1 released ---

- bug fix: File Upload Icon is grey although file uploads are allowed
- bug fix: [#4944] mamboXplorer strips \r\n to just rn
- added Unzip / Unarchive Feature (Feature Request #6171)
  to unpack archive types: zip, gz, bz2
  directly on your webspace.
- fix for the PNG Fix.

--- version 1.2a released ---

- new language variables + more languages
- nice X - Icon for components Menu. thanks to Michael!
- added PNG transparency fix for IE
- added Owner / Group information to File List
- bug fix: "$ok @cmod" changed to "$ok = @chmod"

--- version 1.2 released ---
- removed full path from Archive ( tar.gz /bzip2 Archive Creation)
- added ability to change permissions recursiveley through all subdirectories

--- version 1.1 released ---